Noam has been doing Bar Mitzvahs for the past 13 years, Noam celebrated with more then 1000 Bar Mitzvah boys.

In the past decaded we had Bar mitvah boys from all over the US- NY NY LA san franssisco florida and even Cayman Islands.

Most Bar Mitzvahs are in Tzfat, though upon requests he travles all over the country and the world.

,Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are possible anywhere in USA and Europe

Noam come with his love to music and singing and with his passion to make people Happy in their big day. 

Bar Mitzvah with Noam - an unforgetable  experience

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     World wide Bar Mitzvah

with Noam

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קידום פלוס - בניית אתרי תדמית לעסקים



שדה חובה

תודה רבה!

הטופס נשלח בהצלחה נשמח להיות אתכם בקשר בקרוב.


שדה חובה.


שדה חובה.

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